The Inquiries

point reyesThe method of Guided Inquiry described below was originated and developed by Scott Kiloby as part of his ongoing Living Relationship program.

The Inquiries

This is a different way of looking. What is your actual experience?  You may say that you are “not good enough”, “unloved”, “unwanted”, etc, and you may believe that this is actually who you are. So shouldn’t we be able to find that person, the one who is not good enough, unloved, unwanted?

In these inquiries you will be guided to look at every aspect of your experience which seems to make these beliefs real.

We will look at the words themselves, the images that arise and the bodily sensations being generated.

What makes these beliefs seem real is when a thought or image is stuck to a bodily sensation.

There may be a thought, “I’m a loser”, and an image of someone laughing at you which gives rise to a contraction or tight feeling in the stomach. Taken all together, the belief then seems true. But if we look at each thing separately, where is the loser? Is he/she in the word “loser”, the image of being laughed at or in the sensation in the stomach? Your actual experience will give you the answer.