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I am a Certified Living Inquiries Facilitator.

You are very welcome to contact me, either to request a session, or to find out more. I’m happy to talk with you about the inquiries and the process before you decide to jump in.

Sessions are on Skype, or Google+. A session is 60-minutes in duration.

Individual Private Sessions:
The fee is $125. per session of 60-minute duration
An individual session tends to deal with some aspect of a perceived inadequate self and may use The Unfindable Inquiry. You can view an example of this type of inquiry on my Scott Kiloby page.

Multiple Session Compulsion Inquiry Package:
A package of 4 sessions can be booked for $400.
To be effective, the Compulsion Inquiry requires a minimum of four consecutive sessions. The Compulsion Inquiry is a guided examination of the connection between thoughts, images and body sensations as they link together to form the basis of all compulsive behaviors. Seeing through, and subsequently disrupting these subliminal links, can dramatically alter or eliminate the expression of habitual behaviors. The fee includes email contact and support in between sessions.

If you are able to pay more than the full fee and you find the inquiries invaluable, you are invited to pay more than the requested
amount – as a “Pay it Forward” gift – and your additional support will make the inquiries available for those who really can’t pay the fee.
Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Click here to proceed to Donations page.

A portion of your payment goes back to Living Realization to contribute to website maintenance, training of facilitators and scholarships for those who are unable to pay for sessions.

For more information on The Living Inquiries, or to schedule a session, please email me using this Contact Form (click here).

By making payment for any Living Inquiry Session, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions listed in the Disclaimer (Click here to view Disclaimer).  Payment must be received at least 24-hours prior to a scheduled session.

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