What You See is What You Get


I would imagine you are reading these words on a screen.  Maybe you are sitting on a chair or couch, or perhaps lying in bed.  If it’s a nice day, you might be outside, gently swinging in your hammock, iPad in one hand, iced tea in another.

This right now is Your World.  What you see…the screen, your body, the space around you; what you feel…the sensations in your body; your thoughts, all Your World.

Get up and walk around.  Go to a window and look out.  Look up.  Look down.  Look behind.  Notice how your world changes with your change of viewpoint, your change of perception.  It seems as if you are constantly changing Your World.

So now go back to where you started.  Is it the same world you were in a moment before?  How do you know that?

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