Just You

You’ve done this a thousand times. The session is over, you point the cursor at the red phone icon, click, and the connection is closed.

You look around the room, it’s very quiet, very still. Your eyes come to rest on the empty coffee cup, which you have looked at countless times, but this time there is no cup, there is only you.

You feel a little disoriented, a little light headed as you slowly continue to look around.
The computer screen, you. The desk, you. The chair, you. The old stain on the floor, you.

You get up and go to the door. The sun, you. Trees, grass, flowers, dirt, all you.

Tears begin streaming down your face, you fall to your knees. The thought comes, “This is it, this is it!”

Yes, this is it, this is heaven, nirvana, the holy grail. You made it, you are home.

But……. (that three letter word has a lot to answer for), you cannot stay.

As beautiful and peaceful as this place is, you cannot stay.

Minutes go by, days, years, maybe decades, and something starts gnawing at you.
You try to ignore it, to make it go away. You try everything to not listen. But still the question comes.

Hardly a whisper at first, but as the years go by it gets louder until it’s a deafening roar.


No one answers.

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